Hey everyone we are moving today!!! 😀
If you feel like dropping by to volunteer it the old Artique space on Marine 😘
Nothing heavy just bags of wool to organize. Any help would be deeply appreciated 💗💗💗
Lot’s of it has been done already by Roisin’s Grandson and his friends who came up for a visit just in time! 😀 Ten of them from his graduating class. We got a picture of them knee deep in wool. Many hands make light work.
In other woolly news Roisin finally finished her Purl Piccadilly scarf and it is glorious! You can see how the Easter egg colors off set each other beautifully. Here’s Roisin camping it up as a model for a photograph so you can see it!
And here am I in some Bunny ears! Hope everyone had a Happy Holiday 💗💗💗
We had our own Happy Holiday here at GBOW with our needle felted Bunny class that Belinda taught. Here’s a quick pick of the little guy himself all fuzzy and cute. I will get Belinda to text me a photo of the class work to put on Insta and on the next Blog.
Check out Kathy’s Glorious socks!!! Are they not inspirational??? She did these one at a time but was saying next time she will do them two at a time using the Sockista method just because she thinks it would work good and wants to try it out.
Speaking of sock’s here is a picture of my newest batch of hand dyed sock yarn. Lot’s of bright colors and these are all brand new color ways that I am just trying out.
You don’t have to make socks with it. Here is the Field of Flower’s Hat pattern that Petra made out of my sock yarn and one strand of mohair.  I’m in love with it. I get so excited to see my yarn knit up by other peoples hands. She is so skilled! Such an inspiration to see what her imagination creates.
Here is another one. Totally different. This one is made with a Zauberball and one strand of Mohair. So beautiful. It’s hard to see from the photo but the Mohair is sparkly so the hat shimmers! Gorgeous!
Alane’s hat is different again. Same pattern different yarn. This one is made from Malabrigo. No sparkle, no fuzz. Super sleek and classic. Gotta love Malabrigo.
 Last but not least is this mornings update on my Top Down Willingdon Beach Sweater. I’m past the arms!!!!! Unbelievably exciting. This is my first time doing a sweater this way and I had a major catastrophic event at this stage. I was almost home free. I’d put all the stitches for the sleeves on holder yarn and I was doing the increases under the arms and guess what I did… I knit over the opening for the arm hole and attached it together!!! So that meant I had to pull my needles completely out and frog the thing back to the arm holes. Frog meaning rip out stitches. Rip it! Rip it! Rip it! That meant I had over two hundred loose stitches that I then had to pick up one at a time! Which I made a mistake doing. So I had to pull out half and do it over again! I tell ya. I was so tired by the time I picked up over three hundred stitches. But i did it. And I learn to cable cast on. And I am past the arm holes! YAY!!! Now it’s just knit, knit, knit in the round to knit the body all the way down. I love this kind of thing. That’s why I like socks.
Fun huh? I highly recommend it. Just don’t knit your arm holes together. Not so fun. I’m totally loving this project. Really. I am. 
Okay so that’s about all for today. 
Shop is still open! All this week too. 
In the new shop ASAP!!!
Will try and give you an exact date as soon as I know. 
Until then…
💖Happy Kitting💖