Some of you, our dear customers and yarnistas, prefer not to be identified, except by your work.

So, here is Mystery Customer’s creation, using two different yarns, Mohair from GBOW was used in the fuzzy random stripes.  Very 80’s looking, very “IN” – and cozy.

Mystery Customer again, another creation.  This time with Sirdar Rafaella, DK.  Acrylic and cotton.  Comfy, pretty summer shell.

How’s this for gorgeous??!  Clearly Mystery Customer is a very skilled knitter.  This was a Vogue magazine pattern, again using Sirdar Rafella DK.  So light, lacy and lovely.

And again.  This knitter does knit in the summer, and clearly is well-dressed…..another beautiful summer shell in Sirdar Rafaella DK.