New beginnings…Dee’s just-started Baby Surprise Jacket (BSJ) with Viking Odin.  Roisin believes this is the first BSJ we’ve seen being made with this colour of Odin, so we’re looking forward to seeing more of it.

Carola’s pair of BSJs.  One with Chunky Marble and one with her own concoction of GBOW yarns.  The finished ones look great!

Carla’s BSJ work-in-progress, and…. 

The finished product.  This one made with Viking Sportsragg. Such nice bright colours.  Our prediction….Carla will make many more of these in many colours and sizes.

Shirley’s BSJ in progress, using 2 different colours of Viking Odin.  Nice strong colours too.

Shirley’s finished except for the buttons, which will be red heart buttons that Carola had already picked out for her.  Nice work Shirley….on to the next and the next BSJ.