We have new stuff! we have jewelry now 😀 We have three jewelry artists their names are Katie McLean, Belinda Fogarty and myself…Katrina Craig. Katie makes rustic gemstone and silver pieces. We have her necklaces and earrings. The necklaces in the picture to the bottom right are hers. And you can see her big bold statement necklace in the third center photo below. It is made of Amazonite and Carnelian with Onyx accents. On the below left you can see two of Belinda’s beaded netting necklaces, one red and one green. The Display behind the netted necklaces holds my work, Katrina, and it is hypoallergenic brass findings with gemstones and fresh water pearls. Also you can see in the middle my soldered charm necklaces. I make the soldered charms myself.

 Below are three of Belinda’s pieces. She takes copper pennies and silver dimes and hammers them flat and embosses them with lettering. You can get key chains or earrings done this way. Below and to the left you can see an example of here wire wrapping skills. The pendant you see here is an bolder opal. It has lots of opalescent glow to it too!

Here you can see four of my necklaces photographed close up so you can see the pendants. Below left is Water Saphire, Amethyst and pearls on 14kt gold filled chain. Below right is an large clear light purple faceted Amethyst. With it is Rubies, Pearls and Sleeping Beauty Turquoise on 14 kt gold chain.
Above you can see two more of the pendants of my necklaces. Above left is Pearls, Apatite, Amethyst, Rubies and Citrine with copper and sterling silver wire wrapping. Above right is a large faceted Garnet with Rubies, Pealrs, Amethyst, Watermelon Tormeline and Antique Rhinestones on 14 kt Gold chain. 
Below you can see some close ups of Katie McLeans work. Below  Left is a Lapis Lazuli and Lava stone necklace and hangin to the side of that is a Citrine and Blue Gold stone necklace. The close up on the right is of a Pearl and Apatite necklace with a Mother of Pearl pendant and silver accent beads.

 Here last of the day we have two of Katie McLeans necklaces in the photo below. The left necklace is of Lapis Lazulie and Turquoise with Carnelian accents. And the right necklace is her Amazonite and Carnelian statement necklace.
Thats the newest new stuff in the shop this week! Come on down and try on jewelry! We are happy to show it to you and help you with colors or styles or just tell you more about anything you might be interested in 😊
We have been knitting like crazy too! I am half way down the sleeves of my Wilingdon Beach sweater! I have to say I just love! Love! Love! this pattern. So many people have been trying it out and I have heard nothing but great reviews. And everyone has their own ideas of how it should look so no two look the same! I am starting my second one now 😃 This next one is knit out of two fine yarns together. A strand of Alpaca and a strand of mohair. Mauve and green again 😝 But is going to be sleeveless! And it’s going to look completely different. I will blog it so you can see the versatility of this pattern. I am planning on knitting a third one too! But the third one will not only be completely different colors but it will be a cardigan 😱 Using the same pattern and a bit of Roisin`s expertise I have high hopes. 😆
Ok so that’s our shop news! Our knitting news! And our new stuff! I hope you enjoyed this little bit of stuff about stuff!
Come on down and hang out and knit!
Until next week…
💖Happy Knitting💖