Hey everyone!
Today we have a new window display 😀
I tried to get some nice photo’s of it for the blog today but it was tricky. The window has a reflective film on it to keep the display cool. It is not easy to get pictures through it. Mostly you just get a reflection of the street. So I took a photo from inside as you can see below. We have some great paintings in the window this month. Adam Cramb, Felicia Joseph and Belinda Forgarty all have work on display in the window this month.
 It’s a very colourful collection of art wool and Roisin’s  knitted goodies. If you can come by and check it out it looks much better in person! Things are starting to come together in our new location. The Sockista class on Tuesday afternoon has been rockin busy. Lots of new people and some long term sock knitters too. It’s a rollicking good time. Lots of fun had by all. If you have not knit socks yet you should come by and join in! It’s a real favourite. Thursday night drop in knitting for fun and relaxation is super busy too. We have been having a great turn out! Feel free to drop by and join in the fun. It is on Thursday nights from 6:30 pm until 8:30 pm. So on Thursdays the shop is open from 10:00 am in the morning strait through until 8:30pm at night! If you have a need for yarn after dinner on Thursday evening feel free to drop in and pick up something. We are open for sales during Thursday Knitting Night hours too.
This is one of the display cases inside GBOW. It’s focused on shawl making. Here you can see two examples of Roisin’s design called Texada Time Wrap. It’s a fun knit. It is knit flat and then sewn up. You can knit it with or without the collar. In the window are three examples of Roisin’s “Whats the Point”poncho too. It’s a shawl month this month. Because it is warm enough now to get away with just wearing a shawl. No more winter coat. The whats the point poncho is gorgeous too and can be knit with or without a collar as well.
 This display case is all about Roisin’s Zevelution J sweaters. It’s a gorgeous thing. The painting you see there is one of mine. It’s called “Harwood Rain Storm” and I painted it when I had a panoramic view of the ocean here in town. Also in this display you will find examples of all of the wool we carry for knitting Cowichan Style sweaters. We have various styles of Custom Woolen Mills yarn for this purpose. Custom Woolen Mills is a ethically minded Canadian woolen mill that takes fleeces from Canadian farmers and turns the fleeces in yarn and roving. The mill keeps half of the farmers fleeces to sell and gives half the finished product back to the farmer. It’s a fantastic product that you will give you hours of pleasure and give back to the woolen community at the same time. Ethical with an environmentally friendly footprint.
 This display has a collection of Belinda Fogarty art and is focused on hat making. There is a rack of all kinds of different hats for inspiration and examples of all different kinds of yarn that you could use to make your own gorgeous hats with. Lot’s of people come in looking for hat yarn. Kitted hats are incredibly popular and a favourite gift. To give or receive. If you would like to learn to knit a hat is a great place to start. Roisin will help you pick out a pattern, yarn and needles and get you started and on your way to knitting anything you can dream up!
Today is Monday. That’s the day I blog on and in case you don’t know the shop is open from 10:00am in the morning until 5:00pm in the evening. It’s just me here hangin out all by myself. I’d love company! If you want to come in and shop or just hang out and knit you are more than welcome. We also have crochet lessons available by appointment on Monday afternoons. Lindalu will teach you anything you want to learn. Just call in and book ahead. 
We are also accepting new artists into the Gallery if any of you have things you would like to have here on display come on in and show us what you have got! Is there any specific thing you would like us to offer a class on making? You can leave a comment telling us what you would like to learn or come by and tell us in person.
I hope you are enjoying the beautiful weather we have been having!
Until next week,
or until you drop by…
💖Happy Knitting!💖