Roisin is in Australia and sends us all this message:

“I’m away from the store at the moment in very sunny Australia enjoying catching up with family here, son Bob, daughter-in-law Mylee and three grandchildren, Finella 13, Declan almost 11 and Seamus 9.

We are looking for your knitting stories for our blog.
One idea is “How I learned to Knit” but anything you want to share with all of us is welcome.*

Also, we had an interesting e-mail from Cathy about a hangnail on her knitting finger.**
Wondering how many of you have issues with knitting fingers and how you solved them.
I know Lynda (at Great Balls of Wool) was suffering with a cut on her ‘knitting finger’ and I brought in some leather thimbles, she said that worked. I’m sure there are as many different stories as there are knitters, love to hear them.
Thinking of all of you and have seen some wonderful designs I’m going to attempt when I get home.”

* Send me (Alane) your stories at

** A Woolly Wisdom post is coming soon on Cathy’s advice for “knitting finger.”