Nigel knits socks, and walks the Camino. He does both at the same time. One of the several pairs he knit on his most recent Camino walk (in Portugal this time) was made from Punta’s Merisock yarn purchased at GBOW on one of his visits from Vancouver, on a 2.00mm Knitpicks needle, also purchased at the store. 

He sent me photos and these comments. “Note I did the two socks differently – one with purling, one without. That was an accident – being a bit of a ditz, as I was knitting the first sock I started thinking – gee, these would look good with purl stitches within the twisted stitches. Imagine my surprise when I read the pattern and realized that was how the pattern was written. I just went merrily on. Anyway, they both look good.”

And they do.