Here we are with pictures from Petra’s slipper class! It’s a blast! People are all settled in with their needles and their yarn and they are knit, knit, knitting! Below is a picture of Petra’s well worn slipper pattern with all her notes and highlighter pen marks on it 😉 Isn’t it fun to peak into her tool box and see the inner workings of her knitting process? I love pictures of people working. Of their tools and process. Of studios and work spaces. Today I have got pictures of people knitting for you.
This is a picture of Annette’s hands and her pattern with a magnet across it to mark where she is on her pattern. This slipper pattern is easy enough. Especially once you have done it a few times. BUT! You, really, really, have to pay attention to the pattern. Especially the first time you do it. Putting a marker across your pattern that underlines the line you are on makes a remarkable difference. I took Petra’s slipper class and she helped me so much. She gave me a magnet board that you stick your pattern to that has a long magnet that underlines what line you are on and I swear it was like… all of the sudden I could read patterns where I before I just struggled like crazy. I cannot recommend them highly enough. We have them here at GBOW if you think you might benefit from a little help. They are not expensive and they make a HUGE difference. Mine has changed my knitting LIFE. I cannot thank Petra enough 💖
Here is a picture of Joanna busily knitting her soul of her first slipper in lovely green yarn. I think these are going to be great green slippers. Super cute.
Next you can see Brenda knitting away on her blue slippers that match everything she is wearing…
And then here we have Annette again with her green slippers! Not to be confused with Joanna’s green slippers… which are an entirely different shade of green!
And also in attendance but not pictured here was Sue 😉 who opted out of photo spotlight for today but still gets honorable mention. Her slippers are going to be dark red. YUM!
Okelly Dokelly That about does it for the moment!
Hopefully you enjoyed looking at knitting and are now off to DO some knitting!
Until next time…
💖Happy Knitting💖