Hey everyone! Look at this! It’s inspired by something Kathy Bowes brought in to us to look at… we are calling ours the Purl Piccadilly and it’s made of  700g of worsted weight yarn in whatever color way your little heart desires and it is super duper simple. You can come in and we will make you up a kit and give you a pattern and get you started in the right direction.
Here it is on Belinda ūüėÄ with the matching hat that Roisin cooked up out of her head. We have got the pattern for that too and can include that in your kit and set you up with enough yarn to make the set.
Below is Lori’s kit that I have shared a picture of for you to peek at. It is super duper gorgeous. She has got seven 100g skeins of %100 wool. Five are solid. One is variegated and one is heathered. It’s going to be so gorgeous. When she is done I will get a picture to share.
This kit is one I made up last night for Claire and it is all in DK because she wanted it to be machine washable and our DK weight yarn is machine washable so every skein below is DK weight superwash. So this kit is not worsted like the scarf in the photo because we wanted it to be machine washable but thats ok. It can be made out of anything as long as you are consistent when picking your yarns and choose either all DK or all worsted. Also you might want to play with the pattern a bit. DK is a lighter weight yarn than worsted so you could knit on bigger needles or with more stitches in order to get a wider result. Roisin is available to help you design a kit custom to your knitting needs.
Below is a picture of the kit that the scarf in the photo is knit out of. This is what the colors in the scarf look like when they are still in thier skeins before they have been knit up. Beautiful huh. That gives you an idea of what 700g of yarn looks like when the you have some of the skeins in 50g weights.
This bottom photo is the first of a series of kits we are making inspired by the four seasons. This kit is winter. Isn’t it beautiful? Would you like to make this? Because this is a project even the very most beginner of knitters could easily handle. I swear! Anyone could knit this and it would come out perfectly gorgeous! It’s knit on circular needles in the round. It’s strait forward no nonsense and dead simple. But the finished project is super deluxe and gorgeous.
Alllll righty then!
We hope to see you drop in for knitting!
Until then…
ūüíĖHappy KnittingūüíĖ