Hey everyone 😁  look at this Lundie Hoodie that Shirley made! It’s a Purl Piccadilly Lundie Hoodie! Isn’t it awesome!😍 She invented it herself. Roisin is thinking she might make one too. What do you think? Should there be a class in this type of hoodie? Comment or come in and let us know!
So because of this awesome hoodie I thought I’d devote this blog post to showing everyone a sampling of some of the gorgeous Purl Piccadilly scarves that have been made here at GBOW recently. There are so many and this is really just some of them. People have been so creative with the colors they have chosen. It has been so much fun to see them pick out their yarn and then watch as they knit and see their scarves develop. This work in progress below is a kit that Petra and I put together that she is currently knitting up… it is mostly knit out of Alpaca so it is unbelievably soft!
These ice blue colors are super gorgeous! They were put together for Heather and it’s one of my favorites but then I’m super partial to the color blue.
This next one is a kit that Roisin and I put together for the shop called “Spring“, it’s super gorgeous and totally reminds me of an Easter BonnetπŸ˜„
Another one by Petra that we put together special. It`s here is the shop hanging on the door as you can see in the picture below.
This is Kathy showing her work in progress off at the Purl Piccadilly knit along that we had earlier this year. It was a lot of fun! Lots of lovely scarves were made.
Like this one. This is Mary in her scarf that she calls Sunrise Sunset. 
 And this is Shirley the designer of the Purl Piccadilly Lundie Hoodie showing us her gorgeous Purl Piccadilly scarf that she made πŸ’—
And here is Roisin modeling Petra`s Purl Piccadilly that we have for sale here at the shop 😍
So there are more of these beauties out there! This is just a few of them 😲 You can see more of these wonderful things on our Instagram if you are into that sort of thing. 
Until next week 😊
πŸ’–Happy KnittingπŸ’–