Roisin has been redecorating! Everything has been all moved around. We have new displays and lots of new stock out that has been waiting to make it’s way to the floor of the new shop after our big move. Yes we are still digging out from the big move. It’s gonna take a while before Roisin gets things just how she wants them. In the meantime it’s like walking into a brand new store every time you come in! We have tones to look at. Heaps of yarn, new Art, Jewelry and more.
 This little bin is all Cashmere! Who doesn’t love Cashmere??? And this Cashmere is a bargain. We have had people come in from the city and buy up loads of it because they cannot believe the price. It’s so low it could be a sale price. Roisin can really hunt down the bargains when she is ordering!
 This is where the cubbies are now. They just were not working where we had them before. Now that they are up against the wall they take up so much less space and you can dig in them easily without knocking things out the back.
 With this new floor plan you can see right through the store. Everything is nice and light and open, very airy. The new displays make it so you can see everything we have at a glance. Or paw through and look at each skein easily.
Look what Roisin made! This is Sally the sheep. She’s a doll that’s a pillow. How great is that? She is a Ravelry pattern. You can make her in this size, which is the small size, or you can make her in the bigger size too! Her body is stuffed but her head and feet are not. So she has this lovely floppyness to her bits and pieces. Roisin is planning to teach a class for this one. Dates to be posted soon!
Look!!! I finished it! I have to admit I loved knitting this. It’s almost like it knit itself. I cannot believe how easy it was. That was major incentive to keep at it and get it done in a timely fashion. Seriously, if you like a bigger project that you can just knit away on without hardly thinking at all. This is the knit for you. So now I’m knitting the next one. I should have taken a picture of the new one! I didn’t think of it. Next time. This next one is knit out of two lace weight strands of yarn which makes approximately a DK weight. One is alpaca and one is mohair. It’s the same pattern but ligher weight yarn and this time it’s going to be sleeveless šŸ˜®!!! I’m past the short rows and into the increase rows. after that I separate for the sleeves. Then it’s just strait knit till I’m done! I don’t even have to go back and put on sleeves! I’m hoping it will go quickly. It depends how much insomnia I have the next while. I do most of my knitting in the middle of the night listening to music.
All right. Other than that we have a needle felting class coming up to make Willma the wale. That’s happening Friday June 29th from 10am till noon. $30.00 includes everything you need and the class fee. There are still a couple spaces left so come on in and book one! Make your own super cute little critter. Petra’s slipper class is in full swing. Annnnd… I believe we will be selling her gorgeous slippers here soon! So if you missed her last craft fair, or if getting out to craft fairs is a problem for you and your hankering for a pair of her deluxe slippers… your wish has been granted! For those of you who want felted slippers without having to make them yourself.
Alll righty then! That’s about all for today. 
I hope to see you soon!
and remember. Summer is for knitting too! 
Knitting in the sunshine = bliss! 
Knit ahead. Then you are ready for winter.
šŸ’–Happy knittingšŸ’–