Roisin said: “It was an interesting day yesterday……we had a group of women from Comox visit Powell River, for a walking tour. They did a walk-on ferry trip, took the Willingdon Beach Trail to Townsite, enjoyed lunch at the Magpie Diner and, on their way back to the ferry, stopped in at Great Balls of Wool (for exotic sock yarn)–and then, back to the ferry!

Lynda commented on how that is not a trip that could be done in reverse because you HAVE to have a vehicle when you get off the ferry in Comox. We have so much in this region to offer visitors! 

Also, I am not sure if there’s something in the water, the way the stars were aligned or just another partly sunny/partly rainy day, making it not quite summer in paradise, but many of our customers are not happy with their projects.  This made me think of how that happens for me. I particularly remember the green Galway Heather long vest I knit.   Made it, tried it on, looked in the mirror, bleuaaaah, yuck, ugh, ick.  It made me look fatter, older etc. etc.  So, I hung it on the store wall to display yarn.  Many positive comments later,  I could grudgingly accept that the yarn and pattern were great, although, don’t look TOO closely at the knitting.  I could still see glaring mistakes.  Luckily the ‘knit police’ never came by with their magnifying glass!   

Then, one cool day I took it down from the wall to wear – a year or so after making it – and didn’t look in the mirror, I was just cold.  Customers were enthralled with it, said it suited me, colours were great, ooh and aaah.  I looked in the mirror and actually, surprise surprise, it did look good on me!  WOW!  Lesson Learned.

Lynda figures it’s because you spend so much intense time making it, thinking about it, checking it, re-checking it, ripping it out, re-making it, criticizing it that you need some time apart to get over IT!
Whatever….my advice is…wallowing in negativity alone doesn’t work, so do it with the rest of us!  Bring it in to the store, get opinions from others (knitters in the Loopy lounge always have great ideas and opinions!) We’ll always tell you what we think, even if it’s not what you want to hear–at the time.”