If you have spent time at GBOW, you probably know Roisin is incapable of following a pattern. Oh, not for any lack of skill, not at all! Nope, she could follow any pattern, but she doesn’t want to. I doubt she has met a pattern she did not want to deviate from. So, here is the purse she made this week, from frilly, fluffy scarf yarn, and here’s what she said:
“All right, I did make Lynda gag with this one [that would be the talented Lynda, Empress of Hats, and invaluable GBOW employee]. I got bored with making fluffy, frilly scarves the way you’re supposed to, and Marlaine brought in an interesting pattern for a purse and then I just went ‘outside the box’. It’s cute, and took 3 balls of Katia Tulle. One of a kind, no? And yes! You could do it too!”

Well, actually, no, Roisin, many of us could not riff off a pattern and yarn and make something so delightful. But that is why we are glad you are the Queen of GBOWLand.