We just got this luscious new shipment of Sari Silk yarn for your knitting pleasure!
 Come in and touch it 😀 it’s sooo soft and luxurious. You will just love it. I bet this stuff is going to go fast! I know I considered it 😍
 It’s hard to tell from the photo but the first two of these yarns below are sparkly 😮😮😮 I`m telling you… that is temptation! You really have to see them. Drool worthy for sure! From what I understand there is more coming! Can’t wait to see that now..
 Look at this! Isn’t this deluxe? This is Roisin’s second Fisher mans Rib sweater called the Fin Bay Fisherman. This one is charcoal with a black collar and button band. The collar and button band have super soft yarn knitted onto the inside. So no itchy scratchy neck! Perfect for all your sensitive skinned Fishermen. it’s getting lots of attention. People just love it. Roisin will be offering classes to teach this one. It’s pretty strait forward. But as of yet there is no written pattern. So classes are the way to learn it!
 Look it’s Claire 😮😮😮 Someone cut her head off. But I know is her. And now so do you.
 But that`s not the point. The point is her glorious poncho. It’s Roisin’s Chantal Poncho knit out of Katrina’s (that would be me) hand dyed sock yarn paired with my hand spun yarn as an accent. I think it’s just amazing. Like nothing I ever could have imagined. I love it. Very creative.
So September is just a around the corner! Are you prepared for knitting season? We have everything you might need. Tones of fun and inspiration by the bucket load. So come on in! There tones of luxury yarns for you to squeeze and dream of knitting. 
Until next week!
💗Happy Knitting!💗