Goodness, I am behind on posting! I just came across this photo that Roisin mailed to me on July 11 just after she got back from a trip to Montreal. 

It is Roisin’s gift for her daughter-in-law in Australia, Mylee (the top, not the hat).  She used acrylic and polyester sock yarn, Hot Socks Portofino,  and 3.75mm needles. She started this project before leaving for trip to Montreal with daughters Maura and Triona.  It’s the same Savary Island Clammer pattern we showed you a few posts back and is a Roisin original.  
The knitting was done on the ferry to Comox, plane to Calgary, and transferred to the plane to Montreal.  It hung out in Montreal for 5 days with Roisin, Triona and Maura and was completed on return journey.  Mylee’s present soaked up the holiday and will be flying to Australia later this month with lots of energy and some attitude.