Are you or do you know a man 21 years or older who is a “wirgin” (wool virgin), who is a newcomer to knitting…or wants to become a knitter? There is a full scholarship and a travel stipend available for the Men’s Fall Knitting Retreat for just such a fellow…! And even if that fellow is a seasoned knitter, he can still apply for one of the other scholarships. This is a great opportunity! 
The Retreat takes place just south of Seattle, in Dumas Bay, from August 29 – September 1, 2013. All the details are here
From the website: 

    Due to the generosity of contributions from guys who have attended a Men’s Knitting Retreat in the past, there will be at least two full scholarships available, including a travel stipend if needed by the recipient. This year we are offering one of these scholarships for a brand new knitter, someone who wants to learn to knit but has never picked up needles. These so called wirgins (wool virgins) will be assigned a fiber co-pilot to help get them started and keep them knitting the whole weekend. Of course, there will be a whole village of guys obsessed with fiber crafts there to teach and support. […] Scholarship recipients will be selected from all the nominations by a panel of Men’s Knitting Retreat coordinators .  DEADLINE FOR ENTERING IS May 30, 2013. The winner will be officially announced on June 14, 2013.