Moving Day!!!

Moving Day!!!

Hey everyone we are moving today!!! 😀If you feel like dropping by to volunteer it the old Artique space on Marine 😘Nothing heavy just bags of wool to organize. Any help would be deeply appreciated 💗💗💗Lot’s of it has been done already by Roisin’s Grandson...

Lis’s Shawl

Lis took 2 balls of Zauberball to knit this unique design shawl. We believe it’s from a book in Powell River Public Library.  It’s a garter stitch and dropped stitch kinda pattern. It works well–and this shawl photo even has a head!

Brigitte’s Crazy Sweater

Another masterpiece by Brigitte.  This time adult sized using Zauberball Crazy sock wool.  The back and front don’t match, but that’s why it’s called Crazy.  It looks great either way and clever Brigitte made it reversible.