Hey everyone! Today I’m going to be your GBOW secret Santa 😊 Im going to tell you about one of the little nookish cranies of GBOW. The back wall. The back wall sort of gets over looked sometimes as it is kind of out of the way and it doesn’t have the real rock star yarns hanging out there like the Noro Silk Garden or Galway n stuff that’s on the front wall. So there’s some hidden gems on this wall that you may not be aware of.
For instance this hidden gem located directly behind the glamorous Sacred Malabrigo Tree, this is our selection of super soft super wash DK weight Merino! Yes folks that is completely machine washable and compatible with a your baby and children’s patterns that require a DK yarn that you want to be machine washable and yet it is still 100% wool and super duper soft! As a baby’s bottom as it were! How’s that for an amazing hidden gem?
And then there’s this! The Sirdar Snuggly Baby Bamboo… It’s DK, it’s 80% bamboo 20% wool and it is machine washable! Just like the DK weight merino it is compatible with all your baby and children’s patterns and completely machine washable. So you see you are not limited to those acrylic baby yarns in soft pastels if you don’t want to be! Your imagination is the limit. You can take that cute pattern you have had your eye on and be creative. Do your own thing and make yours.
Now this section is Aran weight merino and it’s… super wash!!! So once again it is fully machine washable! You could knit that aran sweater you have been longing for and it would be fully machine washable when your done! Also Aran is very close in weight to DK and could be used in patterns that call for DK weight yarn if you are feeling like living life dangerously!
Now these four little spikes full of balls of yarn tucked away among the Aran weight yarn are special indeed and could easily be overlooked if you did not know where to look for them. These are Pure Donegal Tweed! Irish Tweed from Ireland. Total drool worthy stash buster quality stuff here. This is the kind of yarn you buy enough of to knit a sweater that you just “think” you might knit one day just in case it all sells out while you are finishing all the projects on your needles that you told yourself you had to finish before you bought more yarn. You knitters know what I’m talking about! We have it in four colors. This is hand wash lay flat to dry kind of stuff of the best of the best kind of quality.
Here is the most colorful part of the back wall and the softest most fluffiest, if that’s a word… fluffiest??? This is the Mohair! And lots of it. Just glorious. So soft and so colorful. We have a great selection. A nice thing to do with Mohair because it is so cobweb fine is to find a heavier yarn to go with your Mohair and knit one strand of Mohair and one strand of something else thicker with it. What you end up with is a fabric that has a glow of color and is “fluffy” or has a “halo” effect. Super beautiful. I highly recommend trying this out. Super fun and creative.
Last but not least there this section which is a collection of small amounts of things, some Noro and this and that but what I would really like to call to your attention is the second row of yarn balls down just after the empty spikes… that is allll Cashmere!!! Super soft! Super Deluxe! Cashmere! And… it’s at a super duper affordable price point which you might not expect with Cashmere. We have had customers come in from the city who shop both in the city and on-line and who have bought up whole sweaters worth of it at once while commenting on the great price! Saying it is the lowest they have seen anywhere. Who doesn’t want a Cashmere sweater? I do. 
Okay so that’s what I’ve got to share about what’s tucked away on the back wall 😍 Hopefully this will inspire you to have a look back there and root around next time you are in, if you haven’t already…
feel free to come have a look😀
Have a great Monday
See you soon and
💖Happy Knitting💖