This is definitely a “Yes, You Can!!” story. Sharon recently took up knitting again after a 40 year hiatus. And, boy, did she dive right back in!

This stylin’ top was Sharon’s choice of pattern to make the dive with (I have to think that Sharon’s level of accomplishment 40 years ago was pretty good!). The yarn is Delave Superwash Filati FF, made in Italy. We love this! We did decide to change the buttons though. These are gorgeous but take over a bit, so smaller, rectangular ones were chosen. We’ll show you how these look, so stay tuned. 

But Sharon kept going…this lovely tie-front cardy/wrap will be given to a lucky daughter-in-law for Christmas. It is knit with Noro Vintage. 

And finally, not content just to take up knitting again, Sharon took Marlaine’s crocheted “Bum Warmer” class and clearly is a proficient and prolific crochet artist. She made her grand-daughters bum warmers with matching hats and leg warmers from Marble Chunky. Very nice! And one 200g ball is plenty for one bum warmer. 

Way to go, Sharon!