Hey there everybody 😁 ok so these pictures are not from last nights knit for fun group. I am sheepish. Like most knitters I got so involved in my knitting I forgot about all my responsibilities and no pictures were taken 😨

But I had a really good time! I think you will be happy to know that. And I was right. There were snacks! And new born babies, small children, adults and knitting Grannies all present. It was cozy and comfy and fun. Seriously. You should come.

The pictures today are of day time shenanigans. This is just your average day of fun here at GBOW. Pictured above is Kathy’s pink hat for her 6 month old Gran daughter. Super cute and knit-tastic! Its going to look soooo cute! I thought Id start off with that one as everybody loves baby knits…

To the right is what Debbie is working on… it’s a baby blanket. The pattern is available free with purchase here at the store and it is super pretty and really simple. The center is a basic basket weave with a border of moss stitch. It will look Beautiful when it’s all done. Debbies colors are gorgeous and did you notice that her nails match her knitting today! So chic!

Now here is a shot of the group today. All knitting up a storm and chatting away.  Getting help with their knitting. Generally just having tones of fun. 

drinking tea!
Maria is casting on an apple hat for her friends one year old grand daughter.

This is a sleeve of Barbs Sweater that she is knitting flat in pieces and sewing together. It’s really starting to come together. she thinks she might even finish today!

This is Judy’s lovely and very soft hat made with one strand of sock yarn and one strand of sparkly mohair. It came out beautiful didn’t it. Super deluxe! if only you could touch it! Knit in the round on circular needles.

 Okie dokie smokie!!! That about does it for today… Hope you enjoyed the show and tell 😘 Happy Kitting and feel free to come down and share your work! Show and tell is always fun.