Yes, Roisin has returned from Australia. Actually, she has been back a few days but told me yesterday that only now is the jet lag wearing off. So, now we can say her brain has caught up with her body. 
And before we swamp you with the backlog of photos of wonderful local woolly efforts and projects, here are some remaining few photos from Roisin and Phil’s Amazing Australian Adventure.

I promised you photos of Roisin’s granddaughter Finella wearing the Jude Skeers designed Broome Beanie (after the one of grandson Declan wearing it over his head), and here they are. Most excellent fun. 


Here, Finella is about to drown her dad Bob and brother Declan in the Broome Beanie. I am sure they deserve it. And, I am a bit hesitant to note this….can’t you see Finella’s resemblance to her grannie here?