This is from our new class offering – Knitted Felted Classic Slippers.  Nicole’s first pair, wait to you see them felted…they will be gorgeous (yes, there are two).

Carola, Sydney and Sandra working seriously on their slippers, under Lynda’s direction….and behaving. Mostly. 

Sandra with her bag of slippersssss, she’s on the slippery slipper roll!

Sandra’s last and next pair pre-felting – Sandra used Galway Worsted and Wisdom poems variegated yarn.  We’re looking forward to seeing these felted…well, we’re looking forward to seeing them all felted.

Sydney’s comfortable looking slippers taking shape, even before felting, made with Galway Worsted 100% wool.

Lynda’s Galway Paint variegated yarn slippers, only a few balls of this yarn left.  Felts beautifully.