view from my front window

Here’s what I look out at while I knit. This was yesterday, or day before. I’ve lost track of time. Belinda is at the store today 11-4pm. I’ve been working on a Butterfly Shawl (believe my 9th one since start of covid) This one is in all natural Eri Silk 99% with a thread of gold metallic through it to give some sparkle. The Butterfly Shawl has been my covid go-to. Kinda obsessing! The covid butterfly emerging from it’s cocoon, and the silk and cocoons too….you get the theme!

Butterfly Shawl in progress, knit with Eri Silk, all natural

Since I’ve had time to knit and think and think and knit I’ve got my next project lined up. One I’ve been wanting to get to for a long time, and some of you have been waiting a long time too for me to get to it.

The long promised Bulky wool top down vest, knit all in one piece. More on this in next blog. In the meantime, please check out our re-launched webpage. We’re working hard to get all our inventory on there and easily accessible. You can buy online and click on ‘hold for pickup’ then just run in to the store and grab it. I’m also available for advice, just e-mail me at – Till next time, Roisin