Q: How do I know if I will be able to knit a pair of socks together on 2 circular needles?

A: Think about your skill level. Can you comfortably knit and purl? Have you completed a few small projects? Do you really want to knit socks using circular needles? Then you’ll be fine.

Q: What yarn and needles should I purchase?

A: For beginners we recommend starting with the heavier weight sock yarns. The reason is, you’ll knit them up faster and learn everything you need to know. Use the needles recommended by the yarn. (Usually printed on the yarn label and listed on our site with the yarns) If you know you are a loose knitter, go down .5mm in size, or, for tight knitters, go up .5mm in size.

Q: My friend is knitting socks using the Magic Loop Method. Why do you use 2 circular needles?

A: Either method works. However, over the period of five years of weekly teaching, I have found it easier for people to learn using 2 circular needles.

Q: What length of needles should I purchase?

A: We recommend two different needles for learning purposes. The difference can be in length, i.e. one 60cm and one 80cm, or one wooden 60cm and one stainless steel 60cm.

Q: I watched my mother knit socks and turning the heel looked difficult.

A: Using the Afterthough Heel Method, there is NO heel turning.