Sockistas are still knitting up a storm or two or three.  
Starting left to right…Laura has found her knitting kniche!  The pink and grey socks are only her second pair and we’re already copying her pattern.  Very nice work, Laura!
Then Lisa’s very colourful (and she got the LAST ball of that yarn) nice striping effect.  Lisa, of course, is now an experienced sock knitter and will be dazzling us from now on with her creations.  We’re not sure if these ones will be up to the knee or over the knee or?? Stay tuned.
Sue’s sock knitting skills are developing quickly too.  She has combined two balls of sock yarn to make these socks toasty and dense. Interesting to see how the colours are coming together now.  More special work coming from Sue…

And here’s Roisin’s Sockista contribution….doesn’t look all that exciting. You’d  have to wear them to appreciate.  But you can’t as these were knit for daughter Triona, using one strand of silk and alpaca, and one strand of cashmere, silk and possum. Oooooo. They feel fantastic and we’ll have to wait to hear what Triona thinks.  All natural fibre and the intention is that the silk substitutes the nylon for strength.  Roisin reports it was hard on the eyes, knitting with such dark yarn and fine strands, but daughters are worth it, aren’t they?!!