Come join our Sockistas! class if you too want to learn more about knitting socks like this.  Start and finish when you like….we are in session Tuesdays from 2-4pm. $75 for as many classes as you need.

Gina is becoming a proficient ‘sock knitter on all fours’.  This yarn is the heavier sock yarn from Fabel.  Beautiful and accomplished knitting job.

Carola is churning out the socks pair after pair.  Hard to keep up with her.  She used Diamond Luxury Footloose for her first pair and Austermann Step for a heavier second pair. The heavier yarn knits up faster. Of course, you knew that…

Mary is starting her next pair and using a different colour and yarn for the heel and toe.  Here she’s using Sirdar Baby Snuggly nylon yarn.  We’ll see where she’s at next week.

And speaking of different coloured toes and heels, Friend-of-GBOW Sockisto Nigel has just had a fun sock pattern published by Skacel. The pattern is called Tom and Ethel, named after his dad and mum. Here’s how the pattern is described: “the slip stitch pattern used to knit them creates a design resembling the teeth on the bucksaw that his parents used to prepare wood for burning.  The heel’s unique short row construction uses no wraps, yet creates a foot-hugging heel with no gaps or holes.”  The pattern is only available for purchase through wholesalers, but Roisin can order if any of you are interested. And I am pretty sure Nigel would be willing to do a class on that unique heel construction sometime in the summer.