Goodness, we are prolific sock makers here!
Now that Jeannie knows how to knit socks a pair at a time on circular needles she off and running with her 2nd pair in Drops heavier sock yarn.  These ones knit up quickly, Jeannie will tell you!

Mary has started knitting ‘back to work’ socks and we’re sure will be a quick study.  She’s already cast on and increasing for the toe.  Yeah Mary!

Debbie’s very first time knitting socks, and look at these beauties!  Roisin believes it’s easier to learn the method of ‘pair of socks together on 2 circular needles’ if you’re not a life-long ‘other-way’ sock knitter.  Our GBOW Sockista method has evolved from all the sock knitting knowledge out there and incorporated the best, fastest and most productive tricks from everyone.  Our most recent addition was the ‘Edward Twist’.  You’ll have to ask us about this–when you come knit your socks.