START DATE MONDAY MAY 14th – 1 – 3 pm
Monthly Spa Cloth  (aka ‘dish cloth’) Class #1 with Marlaine

You will learn to make an approximately 8″ x 8″ cloth that is too pretty to call a dish cloth and if you knit it in a colour that coordinates with your ‘Spa’ bathroom, then it’s a Spa Cloth!  
Why would you want to come to this class?
1) You’ll learn some new techniques that you can carry over into your larger knitting projects. 
2) It’s a chance to explore and experience a pattern that you might be afraid to tackle otherwise and you’ll take the pattern home with you. 
3) Start with the Spa Cloth and turn it into a scarf, sweater or what have you! 
4) You’ll spend two hours having fun with a group of knitters who share your passion to create.S
Please be a confident beginner knitter, who knows how to cast on, cast off, knit and pearl.

Cost – $25.00 per class (once a month)

Please register at the store.