Here is Lynda’s ‘Elephant Vest’ in progress, knit with one strand of Diamond Galway Worsted.

This will be a felted vest, a special order.  We’re all interested to see how this will ‘felt down’.  As you can see right now it covers our table and it’s not finished yet.  A lot of knitting!

And speaking of special orders – Katrina is knitting this masterpiece with her ‘straight from the sheep’ yarn.  She got the fleece right off the sheep, washed and washed and washed it, carded, dyed and spun it herself.  Finally, the knitted product is emerging.  Roisin is helping with design and ‘knit help’.  In future GBOW plans we will have “Sweater Packs” from Katrina of her yarn for you to make your own totally local homegrown unique sweater.