Hey everyone! 😀 So it looks like Spring has finally Sprung!Isn’t the sunshine glorious? I know I am happy to see it. Time to get into the spring knitting spirit! We have tones of stuff out now that we have more space. Feel free to come in just to look at what we have. Today I thought I’d just give you a bit of a tour around the store just in case you might not be able to come here in person for some reason.
 In this first photo you can see our display of knitting needle sets. We have a nice selection of interchangeable knitting needle sets for you to choose from. We have full sets and half sets available for you. So if you already have a set and say you just want a half set of bigger needles to add to your selection of needles or a half set of smaller sizes we have that too. We also carry a variety of extra cables and needles in all sizes. If you should need just one more of a certain cable length or needle for your project. For instance I am knitting two sleeves from the top down on my sweater right now. I am doing that on two sets of interchangeable needles size 4.5mm on 80cm cords. I had one set of 4.5mm needles and an 80cm cord that came with my complete set. Then  I bought a second set of 4.5mm needles and an 80cm cord to go with it. If you want to see what that looks like there is a picture of it on my last post about the Wilingdon Beach Sweater.
 This is our new sock yarn display. It took us a bit of organizing but we now have everything out for you to see. Everything is labeled and organized by brand so it’s easy to see what we have got. We have got a lot of sock yarn!!! Plenty to suit every taste.
 Here you can see one of our Boutique displays of Roisin’s original design called the Zevelution J sweater. She has reinvented the Cowichan Style sweater using techniques by Elizabeth Zimmerman and Jude Skeers to make a whole new design. It is knit all in one piece so there are no seems to come apart. Feel free to come in and try one on. It really hugs your figure in a unique way and is incredibly flattering on.
 This is our selection of Malabrigo Rios right next to our selection of Galway. Both super deluxe favorites that get a lot of attention. We have a wide selection of colors and varieties. We also have some other Malabrigo varieties such as Mecha and Rasta.
 Check out these next two pictures of our gorgeous needle and notion display organized by Brenda. Now there is a hook for everything and everything on a hook. So you can really see whats here. No more hunting through a tone of stuff to find what you are looking for. It is all clearly displayed right at your fingertips.
 We have tones of needle felting notions too. There are a variety of stitch markers to be had. Darning needles. Stitch holders. Point protectors. Even some unusual notions like pom pom makers and sewing supplies.
 Last but not least I thought I’d post some inspirational photo’s of a new project I just started. This is the begining of a sweater I am designing with Roisin’s assistance on some of the technical aspects that I am just learning how to do. I thought I’d tell you a bit about what I am up to so you can see the sort of thing you can get help with here in Friday afternoons and Saturday monring during HELP time.
 So what you see here is a Provisional Cast On that Roisin has taught me. It is the begining of a little Bolero style sweater I am designing out of my own hand spun. This sweater will be knit using the basic skills used to knit a Cowichan stlye sweater but will look nothing like that when it is done. However the skills used are exactly the same. It is going to be knit in pieces out of bulky yarn then sewn together. The provisional Cast On creates a hem line of live stitches that I can pick up again later in order to knit on the ribbing around the bottom last. 
 Here you can see the back that I have about half finished. To get the gauge and figure out how many stitches we needed to cast on I knit a large swatch then Roisin took a stitch count in a few different places to make such we got a good idea of the stitches per inch. Then we took a measurement of my body factoring in Ease to get an idea of how many stitches wide it needed to be in order to fit me comfortably.
You can see here the resulting back piece knit up to about where the armpits will be. Now I need to consult with Roisin again to get an idea of how to do the shaping for the arm holes. I already have the arms made. This is being remade out of a sweater I knit out of my own hand spun. So I salvaged the arms from the sweater. All I have to do is make them a bit longer for this new design. I will show you the arms in a future post when I get to the part where I work on them. I also have a drawing I am working from and it would probably help you see this more clearly if I post a picture of that too!
Ok! That’s about it for this Monday Blog post! Hope you found all of this interesting enough. Maybe my sweater experiment will inspire you to start that project you have been thinking about trying 😍 It’s all fun and creative. If you decide you don’t like it one of the truly great things about knitting is that you can rip it! Rip it! Rip it! and reuse that yarn for something completely different. No so much the case with sewing huh? 😁😂
So never fear trying something adventurous. 
Until next week…
💖Happy Knitting!💖