Can’t you imagine this hoodie being a BIG hit with a tween or teen of your acquaintance? 

(Update: Marlaine reported she does not see the photo, just the html. This may be a browser issue, as I see the photo, using Google Chrome)

The image comes from a book by artist Sarah Browne whose work is on exhibit at the Contemporary Art Gallery in Vancouver until September 2.  (Roisin  has ordered the book).

From the website:


Jul 2008
Author: Sarah Browne
ISBN: 978-0-9554976-3-6
Published: Jul 07, 2008
Publisher: Cottagelab
Price: $20 CDN
This book of knitting patterns came from two years of conversation between artist Sarah Browne and people living in Iceland. These sweaters contain fragments of these discussions about Icelandic Society knitted into their fabric, and this book illustrates how to knit or adapt these sweaters for yourself.
Includes an essay by Gisli Palsson.
Softcover, ringbound, 50 pages, 25 colour illustrations