So we have been having some summer sweater weather the last few days 😀
In appreciation of wearing our lovely handmade things in summer I thought I’d blog about summer sweaters that are happening here at GBOW. 
Below you can see Kitty’s lovely Aran Knit emerald green cozy sweater. It is knit out of Diamond Supreme Merino yarn. It is ever so soft and squishy!
 Next you can see my progress on the Wilingdon Beach sweater. As you can see I am most of the way down the arms now. They have mismatched striping happening on them. It is longer than it seems it’s just rolling up at the hem. I will fix that when I block it. I am wanting it to be longer than this though so I am going to pull out the cast off edge and add on another six inches or so.
 This is Lisa’s top down Wilingdon Beach sweater in progress. It is looking gorgeous so far. She is just about ready to put her sleeves on stitch holders and then move on to the body of her sweater.
 This is Lisa in her newly finished beautiful brown sweater. It is knit out of our Pure Wool Roving yarn. Lisa loves this yarn and knits with it often. I believe she may have knit s sweater out of this wool already but I am not 100% sure about that.
 Look at Mira’s lovely brilliantly colorful Noro creation! It’s not quite done yet but it is coming along marvelously.
Petra will be teaching felted slipper classes again soon. They will take place on Wednesday’s from 1-3 the first day will be June 20th. That class costs $75 dollars plus materials. 
Belinda will be teaching a new felted animal class. Wilma the Wale. You can needle felt your very own little Orca wale doll if you want. That class is $30.00 that price is inclusive of materials and instruction. 
As ever there is drop in learning classes happening every Friday afternoon from 1-3 and every Saturday morning from 10am until noon. Feel free to drop in for help on your project or even learn something new. Roisin is available for all your knitting needs 😌
Alrighty then 😍
Hope you are having a great summer!
Feel free to drop by and see us here at GBOW for all your summer knitting needs.
Until next week
💖Happy Knitting💖