From the old to the new.  Roisin’s sister Dara asked her if she could find someone to replicate Dara’s very old, very most favourite sweater.  Elly to the rescue!  She copied the old sweater perfectly and was done in a week.  Wow!  Elly!
Made with Diamond Luxury Silk and Llama.  Dara specially requested that the mismatched sleeves be in the new sweater too, and of course Elly had no problem with that either.  However!  Roisin did the sewing together, as we know “No-Sew Elly”…

We hope this is Dara’s very most favourite new sweater!

I have said this many times before…the speed that Elly can knit amazes me. It’s akin to the amazement I have seeing times under 3 minutes in completing the New York Times crossword puzzle on a Tuesday.