Exuberant and fun is what these one-of-a-kind tea cozies are.

Roisin named this the “Wild Berries Tea Cozy” – Roisin was being creative with Katriona’s local Handspun, hand-dyed for the berries, and Manos Artesanas “Florcitas” for the rest.

This one is the “Crowning Glory Tea Cozy” – Roisin used Manos Artesanas “Dancing Queen” and Diamond Luxury Chunky for the gold and brown.

We don’t know about your blackberry bushes, but this is what Roisin’s look like, a BIG mess, but juicy and fruity hopefully.  This “Blackberry Festival Tea Cozy” is a combined effort: Roisin for knitting, Lynda for felting.
Diamond Luxury Collection Galway chunky was used for the green, mohair “Hommage”  On-Line, Blackberries two different yarns, and Shepherd’s Own for prickly bramble I-cord, by Lynda.  You have to see it to fully appreciate it–and the others!

Anyone interested in Tea Cozy Workshop??  It would be a fun day, with a useful result!