As well as being a fan of knitting dish cloths and spa cloths, I also like knitting tea cozies, for similar reasons. They are small(ish) projects, fun, and gratification comes quickly. I’m knitting one that will be felted, and this led to conversations at the store with Roisin, Lynda, Marlaine and Elly about the possibility of offering tea cozy classes. 

Tea cozies can be made in just about any kind of yarn, can use all sorts of knitting and crocheting techniques and stitches, and can be as fanciful or traditional as you like. 

What do you think? Have a look at a few pictures from my two tea cozy books to spark your imagination. And let us know if tea cozy classes would be of interest! 

This one is an old-fashioned yet very practical style–the yarn that is pulled tight to form the folds makes the cozy thick and warm–and can look fresh and fun in up-to-date colours.

But how about this one? Not traditional at all, very whimsical, but still practical, as it is felted, and so nice and thick.

Or this? A great way to learn to knit loops and make something for that friend who loves sheep.

Or if crocheting is what you like, how about this pretty, colourful effort? And Marlaine says it is easy to do. 

And if you don’t like them as tea cozies, sew up the spout and handle slits and, voila!, you have hats.