This is our shop! Lots of people in Powell River remember when this building was the 5th Avenue Dress Shoppe. Madame Loukes, who owned the shop was a seamstress and Designer from New Orleans. People say she may have come to Powell River around 1912. She opened the dress shop later. She is vividly remembered by the community and we often get people who come in just to look at the shop they remember from their youth.
 Here you can see a lovely pictutre of the front of the building. Roisin went to the Powell River Museum and got these photo’s for us to share.
 Here you can see ladies looking at lovely garments and chatting about merchandise. What a wonderful snap shot of an era of Powell River history. We are all wondering which one might be Madame Loukes herself? If anyone has any information to share we would be excited to find out any details we can. Perhaps someone out there might know her first name? The exact time she came here? The date she opened the store? Or any good stories of your experiences here would be loved and appreciated.
 Above you can get a glimps of how the store was laid out and more fuel for the imagination as to what was on the shelves. Look at the beautiful mannequins! We wish we had those beauties now. Below is another picture of the store front. This one in the day time. This one is from befoer the distinctive shiny black tiles were put on. It sure looks different!
 I have yarn store news!

We have as new shipment of Malabrigo!!! It is glorious! We have bags of it. All ripe for the taking. It’s all new colors or colors that have been out of stock for a while.
Here is a picture of the colors. The picture really doesn’t do them justice. You should really come in and have a look. I’m partial to the purples myself. I’m thinking maybe I need some… another sweater would be nice…
Not much to update on my sweaters progress. I have not been working on it as much so it is progressing a bit slowly at the moment. Im not quite to the sleeves yet. but soon. I’m still working on the increases. I’m finding that two strands of fine yarn is so much more challenging than I expected. It’s harder to see the stitches than I expected. Also keeping the two strands on the needles and not dropping any stitches is something I have to pay attention to. I’m loving the Alpaca to knit with! It’s so soft. This sweater will be thin but it will still be warm I expect. I think I am almost ready to switch from the green sparkle mohair to the bright purple mohair. Sorry I did not takes pictures as it looks not a lot different than last time. Just longer. 
Alrighty then ūüėÄ
I hope you enjoyed looking at the old photos of the shop as much as we did. Once again I will say that if you have any info at all feel free to leave a comment or come in and talk to us.
Until next week…
ūüíóHappy Knittingūüíó