So this is a picture of last nights Thursday Night Drop In Knit for Fun with Amy and Dierdre!
Kewloi huh?!? It was fun 💖We all stitched and Chatted and Snackie Wackied up a storm! As you can see it was a full house… But more are always welcome😀 Don’t worry if you are just a beginner knitter! Come anyway. Everyone will help you for sure.
Look at these gorgeous things! They are going to be head bands. Nice cabling huh? It’s gorgeous. The yarn is Malabrgio. My favorite. The purpley one is Lisa’s and the tealy one is Judy’s. They are coming along beautifully.
Here is Lisa in her beautiful Poncho that she designed and knit herself! It’s gorgeous don’t you think? And guess what? You can get the pattern for it here at Great Balls of Wool if you would like to make one like it. Just come in and ask for Lisa’s Poncho Pattern.
This is a children sweater that Julie is kitting. She always has something interesting on the needles! It’s knitted from the top down. Gorgeous color huh. It’s going to be just lovely. Im sure the little girl it’s for is just going to love it.
Here’s Judy modeling her new hat she made! It matches all her purple stuff she has on today. She said it knit up super quick and she is very happy with it. It looks great on her too. And there you can see her head band that she is holding up as well. 
This is Shery’s Moebius cowl. It’s knit out of Malabrigo. This is a super popular project. It’s very impressive looking and is an opportunity to knit something with Malabrigo. Which is soft and gorgeous. The pattern is very beautiful and it’s an interesting knit. It is knit with the twist in it from the center out. People really enjoy this project. It’s interesting and a bit of a challenge. The class is recurring so if it looks like something you might want to try keep an eye out, classes will be offered regularly.
Last but never least take a gander at Julie’s gorgeous Cowichan vest. Look at that hummingbird! The details of this vest are just to die for. It’s really gorgeous. Roisin offers Cowichan sweater classes regularly so you could learn how to do this too! Or if you just want a quick taste of the techniques involved she offers Cowichan hat classes too.
Ok so that’s all the eye candy I’ve got for you this Friday afternoon. It was a pretty busy Friday Drop In! The room was packed. Show and tell was awesome. Feel free to drop by and drop in and come show us your knitting! 
Until later…
💖Happy Knitting💖