Is there ever an extended family in which only one person knits or crochets? Perhaps, but it does seem to be an infectious habit! 

Here is the lovely crocheted cowl, made by a GBOW customer…and of a yarn I have been eyeing for months, worsted weight Rozetti Polaris, which has sequins in it. They’re hard to see in the photo…but they are there, twinkling away. (Fun side note…the names of these yarns are sky-related–Etoile, Perseids, Capricorn and so on–because the inspiration was the night sky.)

And this customer’s Grandma has been knitting hats. Here is her “owl pattern” hat, modeled by a young woman who looks good in hats!

Here is another of Grandma’s hats, made with cotton and kid silk mohair–so light, warm and airy. Apparently she just learned to do the cable stitch, and learned well, wouldn’t you say?