Well, yours truly, your Blogger-in-Chief, was AWOL for this fun event. Quiet house, grey day, tired person = epic unplanned nap in my knitting chair. Sigh. Anyway, lots of people were more with-it than moi, and here is the proof. But I can’t ease the suspense and tell you who won the Great Dish Cloth Race because Roisin hasn’t told me yet! (Serves me right for missing this….)

World Wide Knit in Public Day -Sat June 8 2013 at Great Balls of Wool – Downtown Powell River

Brownie and her friend. Brownie apparently refused to stay for Dish Cloth Knit Race (possibly knowing the competition she faced in Elly and Marlaine…) 

Marlaine starting her Dishcloth for the Race – judging was by amount left at the end –  Marlaine suggested starting with a very very very long tail! Clever….!

Denise chose the bright fuschia pink yarn and had her needles sharpened ready to go.

Elly decided to use 2 colours and make a brioche stitch dishcloth.  Can’t wait to see this hanging on our Art Laundry Line!

The Race is On! (And doesn’t that yellow rose look nice?!)
Marlaine engrossed in her knitting

Baby Robert – 2 weeks old – put in an appearance and charmed us all.  Mummy got to do a bit of knitting and we got to do some baby holding. Here’s Susan getting some baby cuddling time.