OK, hot of the email press, here are the results of today’s Great Dish Cloth Race…

Marlaine finished her dishcloth in epic time.

Denise is 3/4 way through hers.

Elly – decided to go complicated and knit a two-coloured, double-sided cloth.  Her needles (old straight ones) slipped out and she lost some stitches and decided to finish her cloth off at home. And lucky for everyone, really, because Elly knits faster than anyone we know!

So……The adjudicators deliberated  for hours (GBOW time) and decided that all three won and the prizes were distributed equally  – they each got a $25.00 GBOW Gift Certificate.

Big shopping spree coming up on Monday for Marlaine…can you say “Mohair”?

Thanks to everyone who dropped by!