Phil modeling his ‘ould love aran sweater’ knit by Roisin, with love in (almost) every stitch.  Phil has a ‘new love aran sweater’ knit by Roisin when they were first together, in traditional off-white wool (see below).  

The ‘ould love aran sweater’ was knit top down on circular needles, not a single sewing up stitch necessary.  The wool was Australian Merino, beautiful soft, lovely to work with and the white specks are slubby bits in the wool.  The patterns represent many intricate complicated pathways, twists and turns in a longterm relationship.  (Knitting) mistakes were made. Some corrected. Some ignored.  And on it goes.  

Phil has been wearing his sweater daily since December, nice fit and looking good!

Here’s the old one–sweater that is–in a photo taken a couple of years ago, with grandson Devin in his new-then Aran.