Katrina’s leg is now our official GBOW Sockista sock model….shown here modeling Carola’s not quite finished sock (the heel has to be added in). Carola thoughtfully wore a coordinating sweater and so admires her gorgeously coloured handiwork in style. 

Another of Carola’s socks on the leg model…guess who? And spot the tatt! Oh wait, we already told you Katrina is the official sock model. 

Lisa’s next pair of socks from the current Sockista group. Lisa is still high on the teacher’s pet list. We think she had a friend Gina who used to come to Sockista afternoon but the memory is fading (Gina, we miss you!)

Roisin’s never-ending sock.  Danika’s handdyed sock yarn just goes on and on and on and on. Should be finished by next class. And what long-legged person will wear these?