Where do colours come from? By that I mean, how do designers and manufacturers of clothes, paint, furniture, appliances, cars, flags, lipstick, nail polish, and, yes, yarn, decide on the colours they will use? The Pantone Color Institute helps them by standardizing colours across industries so Pantone 2985C (Sky Blue to you and me) will be the same shade on a website as it is in a can of paint. 

In addition to the “Color of the Year” for every season, every year, Pantone releases its picks for top colours….and these often include new colours (six this time). There are over 2300 Pantone colours. 

So, enough preamble…if you like being on trend when it comes to the colours you choose for knitting projects, have a look at the 10 colours Pantone has identified for this fall. Now you know why you’ll likely see, for example, a lot of mustard and green in fall clothes. 

The colour report is here, and an article on the colours from Women’s Wear Daily is here