This may look very much like the blackberry tea cozy we showed you a few days ago….but this is the real deal. 

Would you call this ‘a tumble of blackberries”??  The pattern is from p.68 of Noro’s Premiere issue, Fall  2012Holli Yeoh’s design…and followed to the letter by Roisin.

Well, sort of, with the exception of the yarn, it’s not Noro.  Roisin used a variety of yarns in this, not JUST to be difficult, but also to give knitters ideas as to the kinds of yarns that will work with this pattern.

The green is Diamond Luxury, Inca Touch, 50% Superfine Alpaca, and 50% wool.  The darkest blackberries are ‘Calm Wool’ by Elspeth Lavold, wool, camel and alpaca.
Two lighter purples used as well, Diamond Luxury Superwash Aran, and Rustic Wool, Queensland Collection, slightly variegated.  A thread of mohair is used in the first part.

This is a Very Warm Hat – if you lived somewhere cold enough to wear this you NEED to be reminded of Blackberries in The Summer.

Notice the cutest felted booties ever in the photo?  This is another pair of Malabrigo Wool felted baby slippers, by Lynda, BSJ Specialist.