Gina returned to Sockista tribe! This is one of the very loooong pair of socks she’s been working on, displayed on Lisa’s leg.  It’s in ‘ready for heel’ mode.  It’s taken a lot of knitting to get it to this point, congrats Gina and Welcome Back.

Carola’s almost finished very looong sock too.  We just got some more of this yarn in, Sisu, wool & nylon.

Lynda’s working on Xmas gift socks in heavier yarn, this one is Austermann Step 6.

Roisin has finally finished this pair.  Danika’s Hand-dyed for GBOW sock yarn and featuring the ‘Nigel Pottle heel’.  Looks great on Lisa’s leg, Lisa became top GBOW sock model because Katrina was absent.

Lisa’s leg AGAIN, and her own pair of socks.  Vegas On-Line and the heavier type of sock yarn.  Looking good and she’s whipping through them.