An old but still funny joke….
A piece of yarn goes into a bar, hops up on the barstool and orders a drink.  Bartender says “No….we don’t serve your kind here.”

Piece of yarn leaves the bar and is sitting outside on the curb feeling sorry for him/herself when he/she gets an idea.  She/he begins unwinding his/her plies and knotting them here there and everywhere, goes back into the same bar, hops back onto the same barstool and orders the same drink.
Bartender says “Aren’t you the same piece of yarn I asked to leave”.

She/he replied…..wait for it…….drum roll….'”I’m a frayed knot.”  !!

And thanks to customer Wendy D for these links to diverting pieces (click on the titles).
– from Treehugger (and read the comments too)