The Tla’amin knitting group wrapped up recently – a good time was had by all. And a lot of people learned to knit.

Makaila, Jody and a bit of Angus.  Makaila is the youngest Roisin has ever introduced knitting to, and she’s amazing!  Jody is working away on her cowl, and doing very well. 

Bonnie was bored, and checking her phone.  However, Bonnie has produced lots and lots during this class. She deserved a break. Angus has advanced to a new level too. A born knitter, that fellow is!

Pat, Donna and Rose concentrating on even more new stitches and new patterns.  It was hard for Roisin to keep up with their speed of learning.

Esther and Jolene working away, and Amy giggling while she works.