Hey everyone 😀 Look at Pegs tiny lil socks she has started! They are at the teddy bear ears stage when they like the tiny ears of a teddy bear 💗 Tuesday afternoon is Sockista day when all the Sockista’s gather to knit socks together.
 Two socks knit together at the same time from the toe up with an invisible cast on and an after thought heal. An elastic crochet cast off at the top and an invisible  kitchener stitch cast off at the heal. Here you can see Roisin’s work socks in progress that she is making for her Grandson James.
 Sari has split her new 100 gram ball of sock yarn into two 50 gram balls and is getting started with the invisible cast on outside the picture frame with Roisin. You could say she is invisibly casting on her invisible cast on…😐
 And here are Myrna’s beautiful stripey masterpieces moving along beautifully! She’s almost ready to cast off with the elastic crochet cast off.
 The other thing I thought I would write a bit about today are some sweaters. This is a sweater I am deconstructing to repurpose. It is a sweater I made out of my hand spun.
 This is yarn I made myself. I bought this fleece locally “in the grease”, which means I bought it strait from the farmer with all the dirt and what not still in it. Then I washed it carded it dyed it and spun it, then knit it into this sweater you see I have begun to deconstruct.
 I chose to deconstruct this sweater because it is just to warm for me to wear with anything over or under it. I’ve decided as knitters do that this yarn would be better suited to a different sort of sweater. So I am going to get Roisin to teach me to use this yarn and her knowledge of Cowichan sweater making techniques to make a outwear cardigan out of this wool. Possibly with some of my art yarn for embellishment.  It will be for myself.
 This is a picture of my Willigdon Beach sweater in progress. I will try to keep posting knit along pictures of it as I go as many GBOW ladies have expressed an interest in knitting this sweater after seeing Roisin’s beautiful prototype of it. This is my “yoke yarn” or the beginning yarn I am using at the neck. It is Malabrigo in the color way “Liquid Amber”
 This is the sweater that Amanda is knitting from a pattern that Roisin made up out of her head for Amanda after the pattern she bought had something not quite right with it and had to be abandoned. This new pattern is working up beautifully out of Foot Loose sock yarn. A very fine sweater yarn for a first sweater!!! Go Amanda!!!
 Here you can see Sue sewing together her gorgeous! Turquoise sweater that she is just about finished. The color is just jaw dropping amazing. And look her special sweater sewing clips match it exactly! These clips are specially designed for pinning your knitting as you sew it together. You can get them here at GBOW if you are interested in finding them.
Alllrighty then!!!
That’s just about it for now…
I hope you are having a great day, enjoying the spring sunshine! Nothing like spring knitting in the sweet, cool, sunny afternoons!
💖Happy Knitting💖