As you know, many people on the east coast are still without power, and so heat (among other things). It’s a LOT colder there than it is here, too.

Roison got this email from Wendy at Suncoast Cycles: 
“My cousin, who lives in Brooklyn posted this and I thought “Why not get Powell River knitters to help.” So if you are will to knit, I’ll be willing to gather and mail items.”

If you can knit fast, and can  make a hat or scarf or any other warm item, please do so!  Either send or take directly to Wendy at the address below or drop off at the store, for Wendy to pick up. Wendy will then send our warm woolly things to people who will appreciate them. Many thanks!

Wendy Chrinko
9410 Highway 101
Powell River, British Columbia
V8A 0J3