The Wednesday morning Beginners Knit group, now taking on different projects.  Nadine is beginning a beautiful baby blanket in Viking Superwash Odin. Terri is making gorgeous leg-warmers in Wisdom Poems, Wool and Silk. Carmen is learning how to do cables, and Roisin is working on socks using Danika’s hand-dyed.  Jill was missing today.
And there is still room for more at these Wednesday 11-1 pm sessions.  
Many thanks to Bob, Terri’s hubbie for the great apple tarts which were delicious.  We did save one for Lynda who has to work while others have fun.

What’s wrong with this picture??  Alarms went off at this ‘intrusion’ on our knitting table. Roisin correctly suspected Phil and the completely-unrelated-to-knitting-tool was removed.